A simple supply chain was a priority as the client under pressure to meet a tight schedule, they needed a supplier who could source the right fabric and convert it quickly to a finished product.

The application required a bespoke fusible web that was pre-cut to create a decorative functional interfacing to the following criteria:


  • Bespoke curved shape
  • Withstand repeated folding and unfolding whilst maintaining shape
  • Fusible on both surfaces
  • Provide stiffness, body and integrity
  • Heavy weight
  • Washable

Lesterdale selected from a portfolio of interfacing fabrics and supplied samples to the client. On test a viscose-polyester blend performed best in variables of shape, integrity and handle whilst it also offered excellent resistance to moisture related shrinkage during and after washing. The Polyethylene coating offered excellent fusibility maintaining integrity throughout the application for a uniform handle.


  • Polyester-Viscose Blend
  • Well bodied, soft & conformable
  • Wash resistant
  • Fusible
  • Polyethylene coated
  • Pre-cut to a specified template

This was a prestigious new account and we needed a supplier we could trust.
We had worked with Lesterdale on a number of products for retail customers
and we felt assured they could produce a consistent, high quality product to
our specification. We value their ability to produce quality bespoke products
quickly, from specification to finished product.

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