They found paper products didn’t offer enough protection and would tear, cardboard was too thick and abrasive, whilst plastic and polystyrene retained dirt and grit on the surface so scratched the glass. Films offered the right level of protection and prevented scratching and cracking, however they restricted sliding making it difficult to separate the panes when stacked.

The customer couldn’t risk a new product development being unsuccessful, so they contacted Lesterdale to discuss the possibility of sourcing an existing technical fabric that had the protective qualities of a film with the added properties of a smooth non-abrasive finish for easy separation.

Lesterdale took the time to understand the application and the processing environment and established the following requirements:

  • Supplied in mill rolls
  • Ding protection
  • Smooth finish
  • Tear resistant
  • Printable
  • Water resistant
  • Repels dust and grit

We managed to source a product that was being used in a cable and telecoms application, it featured excellent tear strength and was designed to protect cables from impact, water damage and interference caused by foreign bodies.

The product had a slight non-conformance on weight so couldn’t be sold to the telecoms customer. This meant Lesterdale were able to purchase the fabric and modify the properties at a competitive rate.

A selection of coatings were applied to provide the smooth non-abrasive finish and samples were supplied to the customer for product testing.


  • Polyester blend
  • Absorbs impact
  • Custom printed
  • Tear & puncture resistant
  • Water & dust repellent
  • Satin smooth finish

Lesterdale have been great. They developed a customised product quickly
and showed a good understanding of the application. They offer convenient
ordering in pre-cut sizes and delivery is always fast and reliable. It’s
a pleasure to do business with them.

Supply Chain Manager

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