The backings were being used in the embroidery of logo’s, badges and club crests. This required a heavy weight stabiliser that was able to withstand a concentrated needle density and provide support for the base fabric.

The client had established that buying pre-cut squares would increase manufacturing efficiency through time and cost savings. However, in commercial supply the yield was less than was forecast and significantly less than the return produced when the squares were being cut in-house.

Lesterdale took the time to understand the specific requirements of the application and produced the following spec as per the customer’s samples:

  • 5 standard slab sizes
  • 3 weights
  • Fusible one side
  • Soft and conformable
  • Viscose fibres
  • Easy to tear

Lesterdale produced a slitting arrangement in multiple widths to maximise the yield per roll. It was clear that the client could minimise waste if they introduced an additional slab size, which was also convenient for small scale designs. The slabs were cut to the required finished dimensions using automated precision cutting equipment and packaged in exact quantities as specified by the customer.

The customers own stock labels were then applied to the carton, with an accurate indication of quantity and size for improved stock management.


  • Spunbond polyester
  • Laminated to maintain structure
  • Pliable with pressure
  • Tear & puncture resistant
  • Soft & smooth to handle
  • Custom packaged

It’s great to have a supplier take the initiative to help increase our
efficiency. Lesterdale have offered a number of solutions in the supply of
pre-cut stabilisers and it’s refreshing to see the personalised service
they provide. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Operations Manager

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