The customer was unhappy with the performance of the existing woven solution as the fabric became flimsy and pliable after the wax had been applied. The application demanded a technical fabric that retained its shape during the wax application yet was conformable to pressure when applied to the body.

This was a completely new product development for Lesterdale with bespoke requirements that included:


  • Pick up and retain wax at room temperature or after heating
  • Rigidity to retain a flat surface during wax application
  • Conformability when pressed around body contours
  • Smooth finish
  • Tear and puncture resistant
  • Sufficient strength to avoid delamination
  • Packs of 10 with personalised retail packaging

The rigorous demands of the application provided challenges with a number of nonwoven grades failing due to degradation and delamination after multiple uses. It was clear the manufacturing technology couldn’t provide the directional strength required to maintain integrity within the application. We had to source a new grade that provided excellent directional strength whilst maintaining a soft and conformable handle. We sourced a spunbond polyester that met the criteria for strength and durability and used lamination and treatments to add stiffness and a smooth finish.


  • Spunbond polyester
  • Laminated to maintain structure
  • Pliable with pressure
  • Soft & smooth to handle
  • Tear & puncture resistant
  • Custom packaged

Lesterdale qualified as a supplier because of their capability to
source and produce fabrics for niche applications, then package
and label them for immediate re-sale. We needed a solution quickly
and their response was fantastic from concept to commercial supply
in eight weeks.

Commercial Manager

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