The interlining was designed to provide drape and body within tailored jackets for both men and women. The client had experienced problems with a woven polyester-cotton blend as it lacked stiffness and lost shape after washing or dry cleaning.

Lesterdale’s capability to source, process and convert the fabric at a single site provided particular value to the customer, as they were currently buying the existing polyester-cotton alternative in 1500mm mill rolls and then sending it to a second site for further processing into a finished product.

With Lesterdale’s extensive range of technical fabrics it was clear a significant logistical saving could be made if we could meet the specific requirements of the application which included:

  • 210mm widths supplied in 50 metre reels
  • Fusible coating on both sides
  • Wash & dry clean friendly
  • Provide drape, stiffness and body
  • Supplied on 50mm central cores

We selected three polyester grades to reduce any risk of moisture related shrinkage or misshape and supplied samples in different weights with a selection of fusible coatings. On test the 25g polyester with a polyethylene-polyamide fusible coating performed best and delivered much improved body, shape and integrity when compared to the woven alternative.

  • Three grades of polyester
  • 25g Polyester
  • Polyethylene-polyamide fusible coating

Lesterdale provide an impressive service. They have a comprehensive
knowledge of the textile industry and the capability to produce custom
materials quickly. They have opened new opportunities for us in nonwovens
and we look forward to working with them on future projects.

Product Manager

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