We have the capability to accommodate a number of manufacturers and retailers from bespoke independents to global organisations.

When it comes to manipulating the characteristics or features of a technical fabric, we’re the experts. We’ll discuss the demands of your application and propose a solution based on our capabilities and experience. Our fabrics go through specialist processing and coating techniques designed to modify and enhance the properties of a technical fabric including:

  • Weight
  • Strength
  • Integrity
  • Thickness
  • Flexibility
  • Fusibility
  • Adhesion
  • Permeability
  • Durability

Our Proposition

If you have a purpose, requirement or application for a unique fabric, we assure you we’ll find a solution. Why not test us?

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Selecting a fabric

At Lesterdale we specialise in nonwoven fabrics, but we also process and convert other fabrics on request. We select a web formation or base fabric from three different nonwoven manufacturing techniques:

  • Air Laid
  • Wet Laid
  • Spun Lace

This selection will directly affect strength, fusibility, weight, thickness and permeability in the finished product.



This stage of the manufacturing process is designed to manipulate the strength, integrity and durability of the finished fabric. We use chemical, heat or mechanical processes to bond the fibres consolidating the base fabric. We can even use lamination techniques to produce multi-layered technical fabrics.



Coating is used to enhance the properties of the fabric. This stage in the process is also known as finishing as it often changes the feel and appearance of the finished product. We use dot and scatter coat techniques to apply a range of specialist synthetic treatments designed to manipulate pliability, permeability, stiffness and finish for that in-hand softness and feel. Adhesives can be applied to the surface of the fabric for stick on products and tapes. The colour can also be modified at this stage with pigments applied to change the appearance or finish of the product.


Cutting and Slitting

Once you’re satisfied with the properties and performance of your technical fabric we can cut and shape it to your desired specification. Whether you require thousands of stars, specialist tapes or part finished roll stock we have the processing techniques in place to meet your requirements. We first slit and roll the fabric to your desired width and length. At this stage we can create large 2.5m rolls down to small reels of technical fabric and tapes. For shorter lengths, small squares and straight edges we use a guillotine and for more specialist shapes we can use a high pressure punch. We also offer stencil and hand cut fabrics for bespoke and complex designs.


Slotted Tapes

One of our more specialist manufacturing techniques is the production of both fusible and non-fusible slotted tapes. We produce perforated patterns along the line of the tape which facilitates folding and shaping within your applications. These specialist tapes are commonly used in interlinings, waistbands, collars and cuffs to provide flexibility and comfort in clothing items.